Bobblehead Gifts For Star Wars Fans

Bobblehead Gifts

Today, space opera is its cinematic universe. The story continues to unfold through different films, television shows, and also video games. As a result, you don’t have to travel to faraway galaxies to come up with awesome gift ideas for the big star wars fan in your life.

Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon that you can’t just walk into any store and buy without seeing something related to a far far away galaxy with movie seasons coming up its time to start looking for gifts that are out of this world. And what else gift can you find as perfect and satisfying as a star wars bobblehead?

But the real question is what type of bobblehead would a star wars fan could be fond of in the most affectionate way. As there are so many possibilities how do you know which one to buy? Well have no fear, we’ve put together these helpful types and tips to identify the very best bobbleheads gift for a star wars fan that the galaxy has to offer. When it comes to buying cool bobblehead gifts for star wars fan, the force is with you.

You can also get your hands on customized Star Wars bobbleheads from sites like Bobblehead Boy, which provide an unbelievably great user experience and personalization options that few others offer. Ger your customized Star Wars bobblehead now!!


May the force be with you! This is one of the most famous phrases used in the whole star wars franchise and you can keep the force close to you with one of these bobbleheads. Darth Vader or stormtrooper army. Which side are you on today?

If you like the character Darth Vader from the franchise of the star wars then you can buy a Darth Vader bobblehead or else you can go with the stormtrooper.  He is the main antagonist of the original star wars trilogy and uses the power of the dark side to aide his ruthless master emperor Palpatine.

The bobblehead stands 15.24cm tall and will make a perfect addition to the dashboard of your car. One can use it in their home as a décor item or in your car, in this way you can show your love for the character and also show the love for the franchise that you care about so much. It is a perfect gift for star wars fans. It can also be used as a dashboard accessory. It contains material of high-quality latex and this will help to increase the durability of the gift that you are going to represent plus it also contains PVC. It approximately has a with of five cm and a height of 10cm.

However, if you are in the mood to have your very own personal Darth Vader bobblehead, we recommend logging on to Bobblehead Boy and getting your very own Customized Darth Vader delivered to your doorstep. 


As we all know the famous cute character that everyone has become so fond of and an innocent smile naturally comes to our faces when you catch a glimpse of the cute little character. Yeah, the bobbleheads version of this character has finally come out for which the fans have been dying to buy for a long time. Baby Yoda Funko Pop’s are finally happening.

The bad news is that as they are limited in stock it may take a lot of time for them to arrive and you would have to pre-order them. But we are pretty sure that it’ll just be worth the wait as it is the most adorable gift that one can find which is closely related to star wars.

Now that we have talked about the best type of star wars where can we buy these limited star wars edition bobbleheads? Funko is an American company that manufactures licensed pop culture collectibles which means bobbleheads. Products such as Darth Vader bobbleheads are designed at the Funko Pop headquarters. New figures go through an extensive process involving brainstorming and social media feedback from the community.

If it is a kid that you are thinking of gifting a Star Wars based bobblehead then you should go for the Funko Pop star wars R2-D2 bobble figure, multicolor. Because this is the favorite droid that everyone likes with his squeaky robotic voice. Your favorite droid has been given the vinyl figure bobble head treatment with his star wars R2-D2 pop.

Vinyl bobblehead R2 stands 3 3/4-inches tall and makes a great gift for children and also for adult people who like to collect all kinds of souvenirs or collectibles. When you see how cool the pop looks you can’t stop yourself from getting one. It is one of the most awaited pop figures or bobbleheads out there and everyone has their eyes set on this one.

As there are a lot of different kind of pops or bobbleheads that are related to the star wars can be found easily over the internet but there are only a select few that everyone desires to own as a collectible and also as a fun lovable gift to buy for your friend who is a big fan of these things. One of these is the Funko Pop Star Wars C-3Po pop figure.

A fastidious and worry-prone protocol droid, C3-Po longs for more peaceful protocol times, but his continued service to Princess Leia keeps him in the front line galactic conflict.

This star wars bobblehead figure is 3.75 inches tall and comes on a decorative star wars stand. As this is one of the peaceful characters that you could find in the star wars franchise many people adore it and it sure is one of the best collectibles for a person to gift who is a big fan and also likes to collect.

All of these Funko Pop characters are really cool. However, If you’re planning on gifting your Star Wars fanatic friend, partner, or whoever you want to gift, we really recommend going on the personalized Star Wars route. Bobblehead Boy does a really great job at making your personalization ideas come true, with easy guidance and great customer service to help you at every step along the way. Go get your customized bobblehead gift today.

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