Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Air Purifiers

best air purifiers

Your indoor air at home can be as equally polluted as the outside air. When you spend time indoors, you are at risk of various ailments due to poor air quality. One way to improve the air inside your house is to remove the sources of pollutants and ventilate the area with clean outdoor air. But, if these are not possible or not enough, air purifiers can help these methods. Using the best air purifiers can make the air cleaner and healthier, allowing you to enjoy better air quality at home or office.

Different Models for Specific Purposes

  • Chemical sensitivities. Consider having an air purifier that features multiple chemical sensitivities if you are sensitive to chemicals. These air purifiers contain higher chemical and odour filtration and materials that do not release chemicals into the air, thus preventing your symptoms from aggravating.
  • Asthma and allergies. If you are suffering from asthma or allergies, it is better to choose an asthma air purifier or air purifier for allergy relief. These types of air purifiers usually come with HEPA filters that have allergen particle removal.
  • Pets. There are air purifiers that are designed for households that have pets. These machines can remove hair, odours, and pet dander.
  • Smoke. These are air purifiers that get rid of fireplace soot, smoke, and other related fumes that cause unpleasant odours in the environment as well as aggravate respiratory conditions.

Air Purifier Features to Look for

After deciding the type of air purifier suitable for your needs, there are some useful features that you may include with your purchase. For one, look for the best air purifiers with EPA Energy Start to help you conserve energy and save money. Some Wi-Fi air purifiers enable you to control it using your smartphone, giving you real-time updates on your air quality at home. Other features to consider are; filter change indicators, remote controls, handles for easy mobility, caster wheels, or multiple fan speeds.

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Size of the Room

If an air purifier comes with an AHAM verified seal, it means that the machine can handle the sizes of the rooms listed on the unit. You can also size up. Most models that work for large rooms over 350 square feet can function well at quieter and lower speeds.

Proper Placement of the Air Purifier

In general, it is advisable to put the air purifier in the bedroom, considering that you spend a lot of time there. Remember that these air purifiers work in a single area only, so consider investing additional units for the other areas in your home.

Popular choices today include the whole house purifiers, wherein they clean the air in all the rooms in your home. A unit connects to the HVAC system to purify the indoors while cooling, ventilating, or heating your home.

Take Into Account the Noise

Choose the best air purifiers not only by how well it functions but also by how well you can live with them. These machines need to be constantly running; hence, they should be quiet while doing so. As a reference, a 50-decibel noise rating is similar to a refrigerator. You can find how many decibels an air purifier operates on its website listing or packaging. Also, you may purchase an air purifier recommended for a larger area so that it can filter more air while at low speed.

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