8 Tips For Rural Tourism In Azerbaijan


Today, debate star is the rural tourism. Yes, this blog going to promote the rural tourism in Azerbaijan because this area is the real asset of this country. The younger generation might more curious to know about the rural tourism. First, let’s know about the meaning of the rural tourism. “The rural tourism is referring the people takes interest to goes the residential area of the villagers from the cities only for the few hours or few a months to explore the purity of the rural life with spend pleasure and leisure time”.

Rural tourism in Azerbaijan is the perfect trend of the travelers, who seeking authentic, unique experiences and local lifestyles. Rural life explorers want to experience natural, unspoiled landscapes and stay in traditional or local accommodation. Rural communities in developing countries often have great resources to offer such experiences. Azerbaijan is the stunning, amazing and wonderful, friendly place. The capital city is Baku that is a beautiful modern city has tons of the futuristic architectural buildings and the Parisian style landmarks. The rest area of the country is rural with the incredible surrounded towns, mountains and farm land. Turkish Airlines Online Booking is arriving, the huge amount of tourists in the most lavish country, which have eagerly desire to get out of the fast modern artificial cities in the find of the astonishing village life opportunity that is really close to the nature and the tradition. So, are you ready to diversify or utilize your vacation by visiting your most desiring area of this country, which hides the cultural pearl and golden natural etiquette, but take a pardon please! Here are the tips that will help you to enjoy the pure taste of the rural tourism in this vibrant country.

Feel Sound Of Rural Places:

Let’s talk on the famous villages of the Azerbaijan. The most popular and visited villages in Azerbaijan are Lahich, Demirchi (both are located in the mountainous Caucasus), Khinalig (people speak their own unparalleled language), Gabala (the Christian living here) Ivanovka (Russians community has settled in the Ismayilli region) and Laza (located in the Gusar region).

These villages have the wonderful picturesque view of mountains and plain valley. The citizens of the rural areas were the great craftsman, the ethnic group that preserved the traditions and languages in the country and still they turn into the masterpiece of the copper, iron, silver and gold by its hardworking and patriotism. In these towns, you will be found the fewer amounts of the houses of peaceful lives and workshop in the narrow streets. All the members, including the old man to the younger engaged in the crafts making, producing dairy products& meat, grazing cattle & its breeding and you also heard harmonious hand tools sound, due to these attributes that are starting from the cooking traditional dishes with the aroma of spices to the first ray of sun dipped the visitors in the rural life and they will achieve the rewarding experience to come in this natural life to get leverages from the Cheap Air Tickets and provide the opportunity to get out the from the noisy and the tallest cities. No doubt, the village life and its fresh wind have its own charm and delicacy.

Meet The Rural Town Of Silk:

Basqal is the ancient small village that is located around 16 km from the capital city of the Azerbaijan. It plays a vital role in the history and heritage. There are dozens of fortresses were built centuries ago, the narrow, congested streets that paved with the cobblestones and even the all houses also built with the cobblestones. These cobblestones construction are one the major charm of guest arrival.

The obvious reason of its famed it that it was the stop of the Silk manufacturing Road and with the passage of time it becomes the town of the Silk weaving Industry. The visitors or the tourists also can glimpse of the Silk trading stop by the Demirchi Bazaar.


Touring is the famous activity in the rural tourism. When you decided to explore any rural or the village life of this country, then don’t forget to the touring during the tour. You will enjoy the exact meaning of the village life when you have the clear thoughts regarding this activity. In the real sense, it provides you the energy and power to grooming yourself without any anxiety. In the touring the famous multiple activities involves, such as: horse riding, small village area tour, cattle grazing is also the fun for guests, hiking, cycling and handmade skills watching. Definitely, you can enjoy these activities in the crowd free streets of the village.

Explore The Breathtaking Scene:

Rural life is the complete land of the breathtaking views that also refresh the inner soul by the purity of the atmosphere. Natural bounties, outdoor location, birds sound, photography of the charming rural life style, appreciation of the landmarks are the gift for the villager by the nature and the citizens also get benefits from these blessings, when they utilize their Airlines Flight Deals for the rural tourism.

Interest in culture:

The tourists must remember during tourism in the village that, they should take keen interest in the culture and tradition of the rural life because the people of the villages are very simple and their norms and custom also purely held on past of the country. You can see the handmade fabrics, natural products and further culture term and condition. When you are fully involved in the culture, you will be able to solve out the one page mystery of the universe. So, to make rural tourism successful, this tip will prove very helpful to you.

Pack Dress According The Weather:

Rural trotting is the mean; you are exploring outdoor activities more to meet up the local lifestyle. To make your tour more comfortable and stress-free you should pack your dresses or wear the dress according to the current weather of the Azerbaijan’s villages. At this time, it is very easy to know about the current weather condition due to the internet facility. So, before packing, should check the weather update of the rural life and also read the ready-made articles regarding the packing list.


Always remember it, when you are in the rural tourism hen always preferring the local small hut accommodation. Obviously, the main purpose of the rural tourism is to meet the simple, pure nature that is free from the advance city noise and architectural building, then you should live also in the village accommodation to know about the inner reality of them living style and undoubtedly, the people of the villages are very hospital and friendly, they feel happy if you live among them and share stories with them.

Camping Also Possible:

If you have craze for the camping rural tourism, then it is very easy in the village life. In the villages isn’t government involvement as serious. You can camp in the villages without any hurdle in the line of the villager’s houses, but you should be careful that the other villagers do not be disturbed by it. When you do it, the villager also enjoys it, come to sit near it and offers you the variety of the fresh food and talk to you. In this way, the friendly community organized in the few days and all have gained the loving experience with the peaceful time.

Nutshell: The main purpose to promote the rural tourism in the Azerbaijan is to promote the village style and it is very beneficial to the rural community. Any tourist goes to the rural life, and then it supported the local economy growth, the development and living standards of the host area. In this way, the heritage of the village also developed and the job opportunities also enhance in the rural life.

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