7 Unforgivable Reasons to Avoid Jetpack in WordPress


With the boom in the digital world, businesses start getting attached to the internet to grow their targeted audience and get steady & direct connectivity with their audience. Getting digitally connected is now becomes an easy way with WordPress that powers more than 30% of the world’s website. The basic reason for it’s the popularity is it unbeatable features such as customizable theme, SEO friendly, and coding less working. While using WordPress anyone can easily manage its website efficiently.

While building the website, you can easily connect with hosting companies that offer WordPress hosting in Pakistan or in any other country to get an online presence for your site. But often there is a big confusion people face with jetpack in WordPress. Jetpack is basically a plugin that polarized extremely. Many people love it while many hates for different reasons.

The basic reason to avoid jetpack in WordPress is not only basic vision/orientation, or the entire implementation but there are a lot more logical reasons discussed in this blog.

1.   It Isn’t the Need

Just because of this point alone, everyone needs to avoid jetpack in WordPress. A standalone website that getting proper hosting never needs systems, kits like why should a company or a private blogger do it anyway? There are no logical reasons to such questions as nothing, nada, zero. Period. Automattic can be as creative as it gets, not making any better than on the contrary.

Even all the features which supposedly needs are based on faster data processing on Automattic’s server. This is something not relevant as you get the functions if you have a professional hosting and responsive site.

2.   Privacy Issues

Now the Jetpack offers the data processing contracts and also have a privacy policy page but that’s not all enough. The location of the data processing/server location, retention and deletion periods, right to be forgotten, and who has access to the data of connected websites are the most important points to avoid jetpack in WordPress.

As the server location is likely to be in the USA, however, this would bring many difficulties for the EU and Germany due to the data contract between EU, Germany with USA. This is unclear which data will be transferred and processed where and for how long.

3.   Too Few Features in Modules

The jetpack modules mostly go beyond the basic functionality needed to many website owners. For each function, better and effective plugins are already there to concentrate on one task and do it correctly. Even gives users the appropriate settings and options of customizing.

The main two content types, testimonials and portfolios offered by jetpack, neither offered and custom field for capturing any additional information required, therefore, what’s the reason for getting whole thing of all then? Therefore, you need to avoid jetpack in WordPress.

4.   Illogical Admin Screen

Jetpack never considered as a role model for other plugin developers. Instead, it’s the foreign body of WordPress and looks cheap, childish and primitive for many years. Although, this is improved in last few years but still requires more improvement.

Jetpack itself reveals its own flaws unconsciously. The JavaScript-based interface with React has been in since 2016 and considered to be fast. Yes, that’s true it’s fast but it’s quite awkward. The opening and closing of the individual panels, all the back and forth because of a few mini-functions, gives the reason to avoid jetpack in WordPress.  

5.   Installation Forced by Third Party

The installation forced by the third party is pretty obvious. The automattic’s strategy with Jetpack allows forced installation of Jetpack in Woo-commerce. A user should always be given the choice to make, therefore jetpack should be avoided in WordPress to make yourself secure.

6.   Jetpack IS A Plugin Suite

Many people assume that jetpack is a plugin but it’s more than a plugin. It’s basically a plugin Suite and many of the modules used to be single plugins. This idea is worse as no one like to get a general store with 20 to 30 different offers in his WordPress when he needs only 2 to 3 of them. Therefore, it’s better to avoid Jetpack in WordPress.

7.   Jetpack Is a Poor Combination

Jetpack is prominently recommended by in the plugin directory and has a huge installation base. But how it gets it is the main question. Probably by continuously getting featured prominently. Unrealistic marketing and unequal treatment make jetpack obvious. It’s just a poor combination needs to be avoided In WordPress.

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