7 Types Of Road Construction Machinery

Road Roller

The road construction requires a lot of equipment, tools, and machines as well. Very few people are aware of these machines and tools. Therefore, here we are going to make a list of tools and equipment that are used to complete the road construction easily and quickly.

Here, in this article, we are going to list down the important road construction equipment and their uses as well. All civil construction services provider must have these tools and equipment.

1.) Motor Grader

It is usually referred to as a maintainer or road grader. This tool and equipment are used to create a flat and even surface of the road. The common model of the motor grader is comprised of three axles, engine and can place above the rear axles at the last of the vehicles. The first axle is placed at the front of the vehicle and a long size blade is fixed inside.

2.) Asphalt Mixing Plant

It is one of the most important machines used for the construction of a road. This machinery is used for the construction of asphalt concrete and various other forms of coated roadstone used for the road construction project.

It is comprised of a mineral mixture, sand, and others. In this machine, we pour all the required material to form the paving solution for asphalt road and then heat it up and finally coat it up with a binder.

This mixing plant will keep the final product heated up so that it will not get cold before its finally laid down in layers.

3.) Road Roller Machine

The road roller machine is another widely used road construction equipment. We all have seen road roller at the road construction site. It is used for the compaction process. It is one of the compactor type engineering vehicles that press down the paving material to provide a smooth and appealing look to your road.

There are different types of rollers available in the market such as rubber tire rollers, double drum roller or integration of both. Based on the material used for the road construction process, you can easily choose one of them.

4.) Crawler Excavator

This equipment is also known as a digger. It is heavy construction equipment and it is widely used for the excavating process. It will excavate earth and road and after that load it int a dump truck.

The excavators are comprised of a boom, a bucket, and a cab on a rotating base. The crawler excavator is capable to do a wide range of work by just replacing the front attachment.

5.) Forklift Truck

The forklift truck is also known as a lift truck or a fork truck. This machine is driven by an industrial vehicle with an attached base to pick up any object placed on the ground.

The earlier forklift was used to move objects inside the factories. But, with the advancement in technologies, the forklift has been modified and now it is used for the road construction process.

6.) Wheel Loader

The wheel loader is also known as a front loader, bucket loader and skip loader as well. This tool is used for moving a heap of material from one from the ground and load it onto a truck and into an open pit as well. 

It is comprised of the square-shaped bucket which is mounted on the front end and also it is connected with two arms. The integrated arms are used to scoop up material from the ground efficiently. These arms are specially designed to pick up material without spreading it out.

7.) Truck Crane

The truck crane is also a road construction machinery. The truck cranes are mostly mounted in the backside of the lorry. This machine will help in completing the lifting requirements at the construction site.

The truck cranes are comprised of carrier and lifting components. The carrier part is comprised of the lower section of the truck crane and the lifting section comprised of the upper section.

These two components are joined together by a turntable and it helps in lifting components and also helps in moving it in all directions. These machines are usually compact, it can be easily folded up and need very less mounting space.

Final Words:

The roads play a significant role in the development of a place, city or country. In simple words, the roads act as the economic strength of a nation. The roads reflect the state of a country. Therefore, road construction is very important for all nations. The road construction requires various types of machinery and tools. Some of them are listed above. These tools, equipment, and machinery will help you to complete the entire process easily and steadily.

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