5 Latest Trends in Bespoke Exhibition Stands

Exhibition Stands

When it comes to the trends in exhibition stands, they are ever-changing. Earlier it was noted that the exhibitors usually used heavy materials for setting up an exhibition stand whose main aim was to build as well as move.

But, in recent times the main focus lies with the fact that lightweight materials need to be used and when it comes to choosing the fabrics from the best bespoke exhibition stand contractors.

The increased usage of various materials such as that of the fabric, a lot of emphases has been giving to the lighting up creating a box design, building up some organic shapes with the use of bold colors as well as a design brief for exhibition stands.


In the current trends, the main material is the fabric that is used in the exhibit stands. Fabric is the material choice for the modern exhibitor as they are lightweight, can be molded accordingly to create the most eye-catching shapes. The use of the translucent fabric for displaying the full graphics is the latest trend with the fabric.

Being part of the branding for the exhibition stands is the use of wall graphics. With the maintenance of the open, airy feeling for space so that the attendees are not feeling enclosed well within the exhibit, the fabric will be able to define the space.

With the metal being the preferred on within the industries such as that of the health care, kitchen, bath, and the retail industries, wood would be the other material to be used. Metal is a lot more cost-effective for long term exhibits as it is quite difficult to damage. They can also be easily being transported across the country.


Earlier the contractors simply went ahead with the lighting ideas that are available within that exhibition center. It is now completely difficult to spot the exhibition stands that do not bear their own separate lighting for accentuating and highlighting the products. The main part of the great stand design would be in exhibition lighting.

You can make use of the lights in your exhibition stand design for the creation of the mood, highlighting specific products for creating some special effects in attracting the attention of your exhibition as the lights can simply range from that of the halogens to gobos this can be known pretty well through the bespoke stand builder.

Box Design

The box design is the concept that is pretty well rewarding. The box itself is the stand that contains and delineates the space available for them. Instead of going ahead with the traditional exhibition booth you simply need to construct the walls from the booth, which defines the space pretty well without the use of the booth walls.

You can also create an oval-shaped exhibition stand with the space that has been allocated instead of using the traditional booth. They are the best thing that usually happens to the exhibition contractor as this is the element that needs thinking and conceptualization.


It is a simple trend that usually stems from the use of computer-generated designs in the exhibition stands when it comes to the use of different shapes. For adding up to the interest and movements within the exhibition stands, the curves, tombstones shapes as well as the wave shapes and others are now being used.

As a part of their designs, graphics also makes use of the shapes. Through graphics, they are now focusing on their single message that involves becoming a greater part of the exhibit.

The latest printing processes should now be taken advantage of that involves a transformation of the walls into a graphical section that would be attracting the attention of all.

Shapes such as that of the ovals for showing the difference that lies between the graphics and wall is through the designers with the use of the shape.


One of the fastest-growing trends is that of the colors and they rapidly change well within the exhibition industry. When one year the magenta works out the best the other year aqua is one of the choices of color.

It can lead up to some additional expense while you have to change the color scheme for meeting up with the latest trends that need to be there in your stand, you also need to mix and match the latest trends in colors.

With the use of the aggressive colors for that of the entire stand, the recent color trends need to change. It is also a popular trend when it comes to the use of colors in lighting.

The use of fabrics, lights, shapes, and colors for defining the space that is there in the new and different manners that would be attracting new customers.

You need to focus on the design of the shape of your stand with the help of trade show booth design brief and you also need to think out of the box making use of the traditional approaches as well.

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