From Nada to Prada! 4 Simple Ways to Spice up Your Wardrobe

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Sigh. You’ve just finished skimming through another fashion magazine. Oh, how pretty those women were! And even better, they’re wearing the most glamorous garments you’ve ever seen. You look at your reflection in the mirror and wonder if you could ever be as stunning as them. But then, there’s the conflict regarding your wardrobe disaster.

Now, chin up, dear! Before you go on and read this article for ways to spice up your closet, you first need to remind yourself that you are already beautiful! Fixing up your style is only an extension of your beauty. Still, you may have to get up now and start diving through your girls’ dresses!

Looking Inside

Fashion isn’t just about mixing and matching colours and textures. It’s also about letting your inner glow shine through your clothes. Your style represents yourself. It is you – just in the form of fabric. Therefore, it would be wise to invest in it. Think of it as a form of self-love. You don’t need to splurge a large amount of money! You don’t even need those high-end brands. All you have to do is exert time, thought, and effort in every garment you choose. Consider if you’re staying true to yourself. Does it make you feel gorgeous and confident? Is it stylish enough without making you feel insecure? These are the things to ask to see if a particular piece is right for you.

The Spectrum

You see, there is no one form of girls’ dresses. It comes in various kinds. Why? Simply because life is exactly like that. You don’t have the same events every single day. There will be days when you need sportswear. Sometimes, you need to do full glam. At one point, you may want to attend events like Coachella or even Halloween. The point is, fashion is a spectrum. It would be practical to invest in a variety. You may want to keep staples and classics. You may, on the other hand, also want those with strange yet striking patterns and textures.

A Trip to the Thrift Store

Style doesn’t need to be expensive! Considering your lifestyle, you don’t need to spend a hundred thousand dollars on a single trench coat – not that anything is wrong with it if you can afford it. Yet, admittedly, garments in the closest department store may seem so generic. You do not want to bump onto a person wearing the same clothes. Embarrassing! And so, you may wish to visit the nearest thrift store. There, you can avail of unique pieces. Vintage garments are also some of the good finds in the thrift shop. All these, without breaking your bank!

To Recreate

When you look at your wardrobe, there may be pieces that you don’t want to wear either because it looks hideous or you’ve worn it so many times it appeared on your Instagram for like, the sixth time. Yet, you don’t really have the heart to throw them away. It’s a waste! And you’re right. They don’t need to end up in the trash bin. In this case, you may want to upscale them instead. There are various tutorials online on what you can do with some of your cardigans, old shirts, dresses, etc.

Fashion in itself is an act of mixing and matching – you put together who you are, what you see on the racks, and what you can do to what you have. It is a statement of your identity. But it shouldn’t be limiting! What Gigi Hadid wore may not look good on you, but it doesn’t equate to you not being beautiful. Remember that.

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