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“So what’s so special about December?”  If you live in the West, December is the month of Christmas.  It is the time to sip eggnog around the Christmas tree, go Christmas shopping, eat Christmas cookies and other sweets, and hang out with friends.  Many people get vacation time in December as well. This is euphemistically referred to as ‘winter break.’ They want to travel during this time period.  If you are one of these people, you should read this article because it will inform you of 7 places around the world to visit this winter.  

Some must see places in this world during winter time

  1. Germany
  2. Australia
  3. Wyoming
  4. Iceland
  5. Hawaii
  6. Spain
  7. South africa

Vacation spot # 1:  Germany

December is a very cheap month if you want to travel to Germany for a winter vacation.  If you love shopping, Dresden is the place for you because of all of its winter markets, some of which go back to 1434 A.D. – Strietzel Christmas Market was established in 1434 A.D.  You can buy the best in German crafts and foodstuffs like Lusatia, gingerbread, glass, and wooden handicrafts.

Vacation spot # 2:  Australia

Because Australia is in the southern hemisphere, it is ‘down under ‘.  Therefore, December is the peak of its summer months. This is the time when Aussies throw food on the barbie and relax on Australia’s many beaches.  Australia is also known for the Great Barrier Reef which you can snorkel along while you enjoy the waters in one of Australia’s largest beaches!

Vacation spot # 3:  Jackson Hole, Wyoming

If you love to ski during the winter, then Jackson Hole is for you!  You can also enjoy other snow based activities like sledding, dog sledding, and snowboarding, among others.  This is a popular vacation place for Americans and international travelers during the wintertime, so you should reserve  a hotel and vacation spot well in advance if you want to stay in a four or five star hotel during your vacation. Remember that you can vacation in style at Jackson Hole because it is known for its luxury resort hotels.

Vacation spot # 4:  Iceland

Because of its close proximity to the Arctic, Island is the perfect place to view the Aurora Borealis, better known as the ‘Northern Lights.’  the Northern Lights can be likened to the ultimate light show in that different colors, auras, and hues of lights dance across the horizon at night.  You can also relax your mind, body, and soul in one of Iceland’s many geothermal pools. Their waters are said to have therapeutic and healing powers for the mind and body.  Christmas time is a time of great celebration and revelry in Iceland because most people there are Christians. Therefore, if you visit in December, you can partake in celebrations which commemorate Christmas.  You will also see amazing holiday lights and rows of apartment buildings being lit up with sparkling multi-colored lights.   

Neighbors outdo each other in terms of lighting up their houses and apartments to see who can decorate their home or apartment the best with lots of lights.  This is a fun thing to watch. You can also experience the Yule Lads lighting up Christmas trees. Legend has it that these mythological people come from the mountains to deliver nice things to good kids, and rotten potatoes to bad kids. 

Vacation spot # 5:  Kaui, Hawaii

Being one of the many islands which forms the island chain in the Pacific known as the Hawaiian islands, it enjoys a pleasant climate and weather associated with the tropics year round.  A visit to this island during the winter will allow you to experience many enjoyable holiday events like the festival of lights. You can also see a Christmas Hula concert, and a lighted Christmas parade.  Kauai is a great place to watch humpback whales mate and give birth to their young!

Vacation spot # 6:  Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

This island enjoys pleasant weather during winter time because its average temperature stays in the mid 70’s even in December.  You can revel along 900 miles of splendid and spectacular coastline during this time period. Sunbath on beaches made out of black volcanic sand and surf along the crystal blue waters of its southern part.

Vacation spot # 7:  South Africa

This nation is at the Southern tip of Africa.  It lies in the Southern hemisphere, and its summers are the Northern hemisphere’s winters.  You can partake in many enjoyable events in the warm winter sun for this reason. You can also stare up at beautiful blue skies all of the time.  Visit the famous Kruger national park and travel in a hot air balloon. You can also cuddle with lion cubs at Uktula National park.  There is also a great opportunity for watching seals at Boulder Beach which is near Cape Town.

Now that you know

Now that you know that you can enjoy a warm vacation during the cold winter months, why don’t you do more research to find that one perfect winter vacation spot for you?

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