5 New Year’s Party Decoration to Begin 2020 in Style

New Year party decoration ideas

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!, means Happy New Year in Spanish. Many of you must be thinking why the Spanish language is used for wishing Happy New Year. It is because people in Spain are too relatable to the title. They believe that the New Year is incomplete without party and celebrations. For them, it is mandatory to celebrate this day with New Year flowers, confetti, balloons, lanterns, etc.

In Spain, for New Year’s Eve, the only thing which is of utmost importance is to ring into it with a bang. So, before making your resolutions, you need to get-set-go for the proper showbiz party. It doesn’t matter if you are choosing to host a sophisticated soirée or a silent affair. A New Year party should have a little bit of glitz and shimmer for a happy celebration. So, pals get a bottle of wine, put on your shoes, and be ready for the decoration. For helping you out, we have enlisted some New Year party decoration ideas, which will lift the party vibe.

New Year’s Party Decoration to Begin 2020 in Style

Create a Holographic Wall

Aren’t you bored of plain walls with photographs and the same old lights? If yes, then on this New Year, you can dazzle up your wall with the beautiful holographic balloons. In 2019, the holographic wall has become the most wanted party decor. You can add silver balloons on the entire wall. In the midst of these, you can add numerical balloons of 2020 to mark the New Year. This one will be interesting and also a lot more affordable than the photo booth and interesting than the same old colorful lights.

Set up a Champagne Bar

Champagne has been a very integral part of the NYE. Isn’t it? Therefore, setting up a bar for the same is going to be the best idea. I understand it is going to be a tad bit difficult for you to organize a Champagne bar. But this is why we are following Spanish people as they have made New Year decoration easier for people around the world. So, for setting up a bar, you need to add a table that is big enough to hold at least 15-20 bottles of Champagne at once. Then add the glass stand on the table and decorate it with some delicious eateries.

Add the Gift Boxes for your Guests

Is it possible that you are throwing a New Year bash and people come without the New Year gifts? No idea about others, but in Spain, gifting is a ritual that is followed religiously. It is the reason that the party host is already prepared with some super exciting gifts wrapped beautifully. They make sure that these gifts are given to every member of the party.

Confetti! Confetti! Confetti! Everywhere

I hope most of you must have understood what this indicates. If not, then let me explain it. As per the Spanish people, you can scatter the start and ball confetti all over the floor. It will lift your mood for the New Year celebration 2020. It will create a party mood, and people are going to enjoy being at your place.

Add Blooms to your Decor

How anyone of us can forget to add at least a bunch of flowers to our party. There are many flowers in the market to mark the new beginning of 2020. Such as Lilies, carnations, Narcissus, daisies, orchids, etc. You can add flowers either in party decor or gift flower basket to all your guests. For your ease, you can also order New Year flowers online and get them in fresh condition at your place. It seriously helps you save a lot of time and energy.

These were a few New Year party decoration ideas taken from the people of Spain. So. roll your sleeves and get ready for a memorable New Year bash. You can do it by adding a small part of each of this idea and create an unforgettable party of the year. Bid farewell to 2019 and ring in style to 2020 with an amazing party and yes, of course, your friends. Happy New Year, guys!!!

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