What is Dynamics 365 for Marketing?

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 for Marketing is a part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales. It is the first ever made Marketing app that solely focuses on managing and executing marketing campaigns.

It comes with flexible and advances tools that can be used uniquely to create and deliver campaigns across multiple channels. Its personalized and automated interactions, familiar interface, common data model is some of the advantages it holds. In the next segments we will discuss its prospective users and the benefits that this solution offers.

Who can benefit from Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing?

Medium sized businesses that are planning to expand and intend to invest considerably in the marketing strategies can best utilize the advanced functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing. It can also prove to be effective for companies or organizations that have outgrown the basic or primary capabilities of other Dynamics 365 marketing applications such as Sales. When compared, it proves to be more result yielding for B2B marketing strategies than B2C marketing.

What are the features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing?

Dynamics 365 for Marketing

You can create customer journey:

A customer journey gives you a clear idea as to how a customer first discovers your business, then learns and explores more about your product or service, goes on to evaluate the process and then finally becomes your customer. To track this customer journey is of crucial importance before creating campaigns or generating leads.

Tracking this journey makes it more convenient for the employees to grab opportunities and make sure prospects keep following the same pathway to become customers.  With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing, you can realize this concept into a tailored, actionable model. With features like drag-and-drop customer journey creator, employees can create as many customer workflows as they want.

Conduct multi-channel campaigns:

Conducting catchy campaigns is an important part of Marketing. With the features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing, you can create campaigns can be rolled across multiple channels. The solution comes with design tools, templates, and other handy tools that help you to create professional looking branded emails, lead capture forms, dynamic landed pages within no time.

It also comes with a SMS or text messaging option and social media campaigns that you can utilize to optimize your marketing processes. Its integration capacities help it to merge with Microsoft Social Engagement app which helps you to gather more control on social media marketing.

Manage events:

Marketing, nowadays, is all about offering value to your prospective and existing customers. If a company prefers carrying that out through in-personal events such as conferences and seminars, they can utilize the native event management features.

Event management includes planning logistics such as venue and speaker management, getting registrations, tracking attendance and scheduling the entire process. All these can be taken care of by the comprehensive functionalities that are offered by the application.

Companies can also create branded event portals where attendees can manage their profiles, registrations, attendance and get all the information they need about the event.

Conduct webinars:

Another way of content marketing, webinars can prove to be effective when it comes to attracting clients or customers. As you can find out from MicrosoftD365 for Marketing demo, you can also generate leads through webinars. The application can integrate with external or third-party webinar platforms and thereby deliver, manage, arrange webinars.

You can manage leads:

The ultimate goal of any form of marketing or marketing campaign is to generate leads. As the D365 for Marketing demo suggests, it comes with intuitive lead management capabilities that lets the users track, store, and nurture leads more effectively than before.

The application uses an intelligent and automated lead-generating system. The intension of this system is to qualify leads at every stage of the customer journey, based on some previously established rules such as website visit, email engagement and event registration etc. Thus, businesses that are using this application can rate leads based on their preferred criteria. The scoring feature helps to assert the sales readiness of the leads which in turn helps the employees to focus on the lucrative areas.

There are more ways to utilize the best of this application that you can find out about from Microsoft D365 for Marketing demo.


This article is about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing and enlightens the readers about various aspects of the solution suits. It briefly discusses the benefits that the users can enjoy owing to its advanced features.

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