Will the next American president be a democratic woman?

America.  It has long been the land of the free and the home of the brave.  America is also known for its politics which is an extension of its democracy and democratic traditions which its Constitution guarantees all of its residents.  American politics also attracts the world’s attention because of its uniqueness and its reflections of its vibrant democracy.  Politics in America is taking an interesting turn now because an American democratic politician who happens to be a woman is now trying to run for the presidential office.  This is part of local usa news, and read on to learn more!

Her name is Kamala Harris

You have probably heard of her name if you live in America, and you may have heard of her name as well if you live abroad.  Kamala Harris is a Democratic senator who has her eyes on the Presidential position.  Given her dramatic rise in popularity in the recent polls (taken last week), she may well be able to pull off this amazing feat.  Many Democrats are hopeful that her fresh look on politics and her innovative thinking may be what it takes to unite the Democratic party which is now wayward and haywire.

How did she do it?

Her sudden rise in popularity came when she attacked her opposition, senator Joe Biden.  She questioned him hard on his stance of opposing forced busing to integrate schools. Her attack was personal and powerful.  This is worrisome for Biden because besides being a Presidential hopeful, he is also a very strong and powerful politician. However, the new semi-resurgence of racial bias in America created a very strong backdrop against which Harris could mount her scathing and stinging verbal attacks.

Why Biden should be worried

Her attack on Biden’s stance on integrated school busing should make Biden worry because it made her more popular in the polls and more likely to become a possible and serious contender for the Presidential seat.  Her attack did one much more powerful and destructive thing to Biden, it weakened his strong political base which largely consists of African Americans and those who believe that he is the person who is capable of beating Trump in the next presidential elections!  

The stunning results of the recent polls have shown how much America has changed in the past 70 years.  Since the black vote is now a powerful voting bank for Democrats (and even for Republicans), any presidential hopeful must win this strong and numerous voting bank (blacks currently make up 15% of the American population).  The results of the polls strongly reflect the new sentiment of the black voter. Her or she is no longer willing to listen to a candidate who claims on the surface to be sympathetic to them and want to help them with their social and persona issues.  The candidate must be genuine and honest about his or her stance on racial issues and equality on America and his or her stance on the issues that affect African Americans the most.

Biden really has a lot of ground to recover

This is especially true among the typical and traditional black voting base as the results of the Qunnipiac polls which were taken on Tuesday indicated.  Harris raced ahead of Biden in that poll. Biden’s popularity dipped from an impressive and strong high of 48% of the Black population to a mere 31%. Clearly biden has a lot of ground to recover if he wants to have a hope at winning the Presidential seat next year.  This is because the black vote now matters for those who want to become President of the United States of America!

Harris only had 11% of the black vote (in terms of popularity in political polls) even up until last week.  The results of the bold and heated political debate turned the tide in her favor. She now has 22% of the black vote, again in terms of poll popularity.

So what does this mean

The results of this poll has shown just how much America has changed.  Even as early as 40 years ago, the black vote would not have informed the political base of Presidential candidates nearly as much.  Minorities (blacks are considered to be a minority in America) now hold the key if candidates want to garner the votes they need for the presidency.  This means that because of Harris’s bold move and her recent popularity among blacks could well become the next American president.  This is provided that she makes the right political moves!

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