Why social media dangerous for kids?

Social media platforms over the years have become a chronic headache for parents. They are regretting about the day when they have bought the first cellphone for the teens and kids. Today, young youth is fully obsessed with social media apps and websites. In addition, they do text messages, chat conversations, audio video conversations, share photos, videos, and Voice messages. Furthermore, they are using their mobile phones all day long and social media to harboring sexual fantasies. However, apart from this teens are using instant messaging apps for online dating and interact with the strangers online. Therefore, teens have to face serious troubles. Before, going towards the solution of the particular problem teens have got over the years and parenting for digital parenting point of view. Let’s discuss how social media is dangerous for teens.

How social media is dangerous for kids?

There are multiple threats that any teen or kid may face if he/she is using a cell phone having private internet access and also have social media accounts. Let’s describe all the dangers of social media that are harmful to teens.

Cyber Bullying

Online bullying is been on the rise since the real-life predators such as stalkers, bullies and sexual predators become tech-savvy and get started making instant messengers account. So, when teens use social media platforms they are always close to the cyber predators. A stalker can stalk young teens online and try to meet them in real –life to have sexual motives. Bullies online can humiliate teens online and sexual predators mostly approach teens online to groom them sexually online on social media platforms in particular.

Dangerous social media trends

Teens these days are following and executing social media trends online in their real –life. So, teens mostly got harm physically emotionally and as well as psychologically. They see social media trends on social media platforms and then try to adopt it such as burn and scar challenge, Blue whale challenge, KeKe challenge and plenty of others alike.

Social media apps or dating apps

Teens these days are doing uncommitted sexual activities by meeting people online and then decide to have sexual motives in the real –lives. All they do with the social messaging apps using as dating apps no time ever before. Most of the strangers groom teens online sexually and when they groomed enough sexually then meet them in real –life to play with their lives.

Health issues

Obviously, when teens most of the time on the cell phone screen they will suffer from lack of sleep, eye problems, depression, digital dementia, and anxiety. It means the use of a cell phone screen for a longer period of time regularly causes teen health problems.

When sharing becomes shaming

Teens these days sharing such type of content that could make teen’s victim of online shaming. Teens are sharing their personal images, selfies, and videos alongside sexually suggestive possess. Therefore, teens become the victim of online shaming and they need to realize that when sharing becomes shaming online.

How to protect teens from social media dangers?

All you need to do is to install the cell phone spy app on your teen’s cell phone device in order to monitor their social media activities and to stop them when they are doing something risky online. Therefore, parents need to use their personal mobile phone device and use the browser. Now subscribe for a phone spy app. Get the credentials such as passcode and ID and get physical access on the target device to start the process of installation. Once you have completed the installation process then activate it on the target device. Visit the mobile phone tracking app tools mentioned below to protect teens from social media dangers to the fullest.

Live screen recording

The end user can use live screen recorder and remotely perform screen recording in real –time to make short videos of the screen back to back. In addition, user can view the recorded videos of social media apps by getting access to the online control panel.

IM’s logs

User can remotely get access to the social media apps logs using social media monitoring app. you can get the logs such as text messages, chats conversations, audio video conversations, and shared media.


Social messaging apps are quite dangerous for teens parents need to aware of and they can get to know what teens are doing online using phone monitoring app. However, teens can use phone controller app to block internet access on target device.

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