What is the source of Coronavirus and how is it spread?

Coronavirus in china

What Is Coronavirus?

Actually, Coronaviruses is coming from the family of the virus which holds the strains responsible for deadly diseases in birds and mammals too. In fact, when it comes to the human being is spread via the fluid produced by the infected people easily.

We can find many notable strains now. Especially nowadays when we talk about the famous Wuhan coronavirus. It is responsible for many serious diseases like severe acute respiratory syndromes. Kinds of Stuff like SARS which was spread in the few last years. Actually, it can even trigger MERS which can alter death coronavirus in humanstoo.

The coronavirus refers to the crowns of sugar proteins. We are dealing with distinctive corona which illustrates the envelope that turns around the article. Actually, the virus is the longest of any RNA based various. We are talking about a nucleic of more than 26 thousand bases long.There are four known genera in the family, we can find betacornavirus, gammacoronavirus and deltacornavirus and alphacoronavirus.

We can find four famous geniuses in the family of such unique viruses. First of all, we find the Alpha coronavirus.It is the first of the four generations for sure. They are enveloped and very positive sense too. They can infect human and zoonotic species too. The virus has a spherical surface projection. This is why the name corona is significant in the name of the virus. Actually, corona stands for the crown in Latin. The projections under the electron resemble the solar corona clearly.

The main difference between the types of coronavirus is the type of target which infects. For instance, Delta virus can infect all mammals and birds. On the other hand, Beta coronavirus infects mammals only.

What are the symptoms of a coronavirus?

In fact, the symptoms of coronavirus are crystal clear. We can find the symptoms of diarrhea when it comes to pigs and turkeys. The infection is represented in a bad cold and can cause very high respiratory problems. The symptoms can even include a very runny nose.

The symptoms may be more serious concerning human health in the entire world. The human can easily lose his life because of the dreadful coronavirus.

Wuhan coronavirus In China

The coronavirus was firstly identified in Wuhan China in 2019. In fact, we can find tons of people infected by the virus. This is in addition to the increasing number of deaths in the row of humans.

In fact, the main resources of such viruses were found in snakes as a main outbreak of the problems.

Severe acute respiratory syndrome

Even SARS was seen as a unique type of coronavirus back to 2003. As always, experts were not able to find the main source of the virus. However, the first diagnosis of the infection was tracked in 2002 in Guangdong.

The virus actually because of pandemic easily. The results were about 8 thousand death and more than 800 deaths.

The Middle East respiratory syndrome

MERS was also identified In SAUDI Arabia and was targeting people suffering from Fever and shortness in breath. This is in addition to people who have gastrointestinal problems too. We are dealing here with problems like Diarrhea. In fact, as always experts were digging deep to confirm that the source of the infection was from animal price. However, no fact was confirmed. Some say that the problems of infection as coming from camels as a potential probability.

As a matter of fact, The World Health Organization has identified more than 2500 coronavirus infection cases in many countries. As a result, more than 860 deaths were counted in different corners of the world.

Coronavirus spread in China

 Today in 2019, the economy is getting a very strong strike due to the Coronavirus infections in the entire wide country.

Truth be told China’s economic growth is expected to slip this year to 5.6 percent. On the other hand, it was about 6.1 percent last year. This is due to the deadly strike of coronavirus infection. It will also impact global economic growth too by 0.2 percent. This is the hardest crisis since the global financial crisis one decade ago.Coronavirus in China is one of the hardest stages in Chinese history.

Is travel to China safe?

The World Health Organization declared the coronavirus as a real danger to the entire world. It was declared as a real threat to all the people inside the Chinese territory. Actually, almost all the foreign countries including the USA, UK, France, and South Korea have been calling for evacuating their citizen from Wuhan.

The process is super simple, if the passenger coming from Wuhan are clean then they are led to their final destination without any restriction. After that, they need to stay in quarantine for up to two weeks in their home.

We can find many airlines companies that blocked their flight between their territories and china. In addition to that, even American Airlines also suspended the flight between the US and China too. They even canceled some flights to Hong Kong to maximize the security of their passengers. The suspension will last until April to ensure health security in the country. The entire world is waiting got a press release in order to go back to the routine life.

Is there a vaccine?

Actually, the infection diseases need a real resistance from the strongest vaccination in the history of medicine. Actually, getting vaccinated can protect people from serious viruses and bacteria that can make the coronavirus even more serious. Like that, the vaccination can make an end to the spreading from one person to another. coronavirus vaccine can handle the best protection for the world today.

Treatment for the Coronavirus

According to Baylor Dr. Hotze, the dead of the tropical medicine Houston college said that maybe his department is able to find the coronavirus treatment. This is because the dreadful virus is similar to the genome of the SARS. However, the most challenging problem is deploying these treatments on the ground as soon as it can be done. This is due to the increasing number of od death in a row of many people around the world.

In the end, we can confirm that the Coronavirus will ultimately be destroyed and coronavirus treatment will be established. However, it is always a matter of time, the faster the treatment is found, the more protection for people is ensured for sure.

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