Trendsetting Summer Bouquets in 2019

As there is a popular saying and my belief too, everything Happens for a Reason; likewise is the Mother Nature. It has its own arrangements. When it brought scorching summers, it bestowed us with the bright and beautiful flowers. The glorious Sun in the high sky converts it into deep shades of rich pink, yellow and red, bringing to the earth the most beautiful flowers. Special occasions like weddings, birthday, and ceremonies –superannuation, engagement, anniversary, etc. are part and parcel of every season. With the ease of technologysend flowers to Delhi on special occasions to your closed ones’ way. From whimsical and classic to colorful and chic, here are some delightful color revelations ideal for all early-summer to late-spring occasions. Here you go! 


Orchids are well recognized as classic flowers, and they never go out of style. The flower represents love, beauty, luxury, and strength. They have been around unendingly. In fact, during ancient times, Greek women used to believe that if the father of their prospective child ate big, new orchid tubers, the future baby would be a boy. If the mother happened to ate small orchid tubers, she would deliver a girl. Orchids used to be a staple in the late ’80s and early ’90s.  Interestingly, Orchids seem to be very self-sufficient blooms but you can still couple them with various flowers and greenery — monstera leaves, king proteas, thistles, succulents, citrus, ferns, and various tropical flowers; for a bold and vibrant statement look. Get set go and buy a bouquet of orchids to match with the current trend!

Classic Roses 

There could be nothing more romantic than roses. Their breath-taking beauty has been witnessed by folks since ages. When it comes to express our feelings to someone, the only flower that comes to mind at once is always – the Rose. It possesses the absolute magical power to convey the countless untold feelings that words can’t whisper. Whether it is red for romance, yellow for friendship, white for grace, pink for joy, or orange or purple to express uniqueness, say it all with roses! The one thing that makes them stand out among flowers is their year-round availability. Isn’t that amazing! So, do not wait to say what you had been procrastinating for long and order flower delivery in Delhi.  

Pretty Peonies

If there could be one flower that yells out at summer, it is definitely the peony with its spectacular petals and fresh fragrance. Right from weddings to table centrepieces, you would have definitely seen these tangled beauties everywhere. Peonies come in full, feathery petals with assorted vibrant pink, yellow and white tints and it would not be wrong to say — these blooms are a wedding season staple! For gifting purpose as well, they stand out among the crowd. These gorgeous flowerets tend to convey so many feelings, such as passion, beauty, honor, and prosperity, etc. Display your modest version with a bouquet of the most beautiful peonies! 

Mesmerizing Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are always an elegant flower choice. The large round head that appears is a cluster of small vivid pink, purple, white, blue or green petals. Hydrangea bouquets are wonderful as a standalone item or combined with other varieties. Being graceful, comprehensive and robust, these are a top floral choice for weddings. Hydrangeas remain to be associated with heartfelt emotions and gratitude. Include these flowerets in your special occasions and make your special ones feel how grateful you are for having them. 

Who says summer is less spectacular! We are all here at Winni to help you choose the perfect summer flowers to make any occasion vibrant with the gorgeous bouquets. You can now order flower online any metropolitan city in India now, and we assure you that it will be the best flowers delivery to Delhi. 

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