How to Roll a Joint by using Rolling Machine

how to roll a joint

You might be thinking that rolling a joint or weed is quite easy, but it is way tougher. Slightest mistake in rolling and all the joints and the weed materials fall apart and for a weed lover nothing can be more disappointing than this. So rolling a joint must be done properly and methodically with full attention.

There are simpler ways of rolling a joint which are way more effective. By using a joint rolling machine or a joint roller, we can easily and effectively roll a joint without making it fall apart. This raw joint roller or a raw joint roller machine works really well and are cheaper and way more effective than hand rolling. But the question is how to roll a joint using a rolling machine and to figure out which joint roller works the best?

Best joint rolling machine:

There are many different types of joint rolling machine used to roll a joint. Among them some are really costly. But there are cheaper and affordable joint rolling machine which are equally effective while rolling a joint. Standard Raw Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine costs only about $5 and works extremely well and is quite affordable and will save your money.

How to use a rolling machine?

Though a raw joint rolling machine or cigarette roller is very efficient when it comes to rolling but when you see it for the first time, it’s quite confusing and you need to learn how it actually works. Once you are able to use the roller machine, you can easily and perfectly roll joints whenever you want.

Here are few easy and methodical steps provided to you, so that you can roll a perfect joint instantly.

Things required rolling a joint-

  • Raw joint roller/ raw cigarette roller
  • Weed
  • A weed grinder
  • Filter papers
  • Rolling papers

If you don’t have above mentioned items you are preferred to grab a raw rolling kit. A rolling kit contains all these items except the grinder.

how to roll a joint

First step:

Take a small tray or a large piece of paper to work on because even if you are good at rolling a joint still it can get quite messy. If you don’t have a tray, you don’t need to buy it unnecessarily, you can use a large sheet of paper or a paper plate for a clean preparation of joint and after this your weed  needs to be grinded. Take 0.5 to 1.5 gram of weed and start working with it. If you want to make a fat joint, you can use up to 2 gram of weed but that may cause a risk as the packing may be too tight and you may not be able to take a hit. Fat joints look good when they are made but if you can’t take a hit, and then it’s just useless. Rather than making one fat joint, you can make two joints with the extra pot left over. This will reduce the risk of packing tightly and not being able to hit it. It is advised to keep the grinded weed in the container after grinding the weed, before inserting it into the joint roller.

Second step:

This is all about the insertion process of the roller. If you want to make sure whether there is a bit of slack between the two rollers, then you may want to fill it up a bit more. You need to open the raw joint rolling machine by just sliding it up and over where you will be able to see grooves that are present on each side of the peg to go through that you need to use those. After that, take the weed that was previously kept inside the container and place it between the two rollers on one side and then they should not be much but just a tiny bit sticking above the fold and make sure that decent air flows which enables you to take a good hit because if the joint is packed too tightly you won’t be able to take a good hit.  To make the room for the tip, you should place the weed on one side or the other.

Third step:

The third step is all about the tip, you need to make and insert your tip. This is an optional step as you may or may not be using a tip as per your wish. But it is advised and preferred to use a tip because it will help you to smoke the entire joint without the risk of burning the tip of your fingers.

You need to pull out a tip off the booklet and then you need to zigzag about half of it and then the rest part is used for rolling. You need to fold it to the side by taking about one tenth of the paper. Until you get about half the paper folded, you need to keep on doing this. The rest part should be rolled around the zagged center. You need to simply place it in the end where you didn’t put the weed after you have done the making of the tip.

Fourth step:

This is one of the vital steps and as this is the step teaching you how to roll a joint. You should start rolling the joint once your weed is packed properly between the two rollers. This step can be quite confusing and complicated but it is quite easy once you get the hang of it. You need to place about one-fourth the way with both your thumbs from the ends of the roll nearest to you and about one fourth the ways with your two index fingers from the ends of the roll further away from you. Simultaneously, at the same time when you move your finger away from you and up you also need to  pull your thumb towards you and down. This will give you an even and well back joint, once you move both the rolls in a simultaneous motion. If this is not done simultaneously or you only do one or the other, your joint will look and work terribly and the paper will be placed in a weird way. You need to practice it by using two fingers, it may take time but once you master it, you will have no problem in future.

Fifth step:

Both the rollers should be rolled around one full rotation. Depending on what kind of roller you are using, there might be written the word ‘top’ which is used to mark the top side of the paper. If this is not written, then you should make sure and pay attention of how much you’re rolling the paper and you can also use a pencil to mark the different rolling points for your future use.

Sixth step:

This is the final step where you need to transfer the weed to the actual paper. You need to insert the weed between the two rolls. Make sure the part with the glue that is the sticky part should be sticking up. You need to give your roller about a half turn unless the glued part is just sticking out and ensure that it should be about quarter of an inch. You need to give the end a good licking just the way it works like an envelope where you wet end to end with your saliva before you continue rolling. Roll about another half turn after its wet and finally you are done. Your joint is ready to be smoked and enjoyed.

Few rolling tips while you are rolling a joint

  • Don’t use all the weed materials and put it in one joint, rather try to make two joints otherwise it will be difficult to get a hit and you will not be able to enjoy it properly.
  • To ensure which is the top and the bottom of the roll you can mark it with pencil or any other thing, this will be quite helpful and be  less confusing while making a joint.
  • Make sure to use proper methodical techniques and equipments otherwise you will end up creating a weird joint or cigarette.

Raw cigarette rolling machine or a raw joint rolling machine is quite effective and is affordable. So, if you want to master the rolling of a joint and sit around regularly having it, you should invest a small amount of money and buy a raw joint rolling machine which will be helpful for making joints in future.

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