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Another name for Hollywood is Tinseltown.  In fact, Hollywood is the original 

Tinseltown.’  The movies made in the entertainment capital of the world’ are often the inspiration for many international movies.  Many people, probably including you, scour newspapers and magazines in search of the latest movies. Look no further because this article will inform you about 5 upcoming Hollywood movies.

  1. Spiderman – far from home
  2. Top gun:  maverick
  3. The lion king
  4. Once upon a time in Hollywood
  5. The fast and furious:  Hobbs & Bradshaw  

Movie # 1:  Spiderman – far from home

This movie is based on the Marvel comic book series.  In this movie, the hero Superman battles it out with evil elements including Lex Luther.  This movie is bound to keep you at the edge of your seat while you are laughing at and being entertained by its humor

Movie # 2  Top Gun – Maverick

This is an action movie which is a continuation of the original Top Gun movie series.  The suspense and action found in this movie will keep you at the edge of your seat while you anticipate what is going to happen next.  It is directed by Joseph Koszinski. It is produced by Tom Cruise. While its plot is still unknown, it stars the best and most prominent and upcoming actors and actresses in Hollywood

Movie # 3:  The Lion King

This can be considered a sequel to the original Lion King movie which debuted in 1994.  In the new Lion King movie, Simba idolizes his father King Mustafa and he embraces his political position to cement the position and status of his pride on the African Savannah.

Movie # 4:  Once upon a time in Hollywood

ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD Brad Pitt (L) and Leonardo DiCaprio credit: Andrew Cooper/Sony Pictures

This movie is set in 1969 which was at the height of the hippie and civil rights movement in America.  Its backdrop is Los Angeles and it depicts the immense change which the city and filming industry was undergoing at the time

Movie # 5:  The fast and furious:  Hobbs & bradshaw

This movie depicts the personal struggles between the main character Hobbs (played by Johnson) who is loyal to America and part of the American Diplomatic Security Services and Shaw (played by Statham) who is a rogue ex member of the British military elite

So watch these movies

These movies are worth watching because they portray the plots and storylines of the best producers and directors in Hollywood.  They are also acted out by the filming industry’s top actors and actresses!

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