How CSPO Certifications Affect Your Salary

CSPO Certifications

Certified Scrum Product Owner®, commonly known as the CSPO® Certification is a training that will help you learn new techniques to improve the value of any product. The training will equip you with the knowledge of leading scrum teams, maximizing speedy delivery of product features, successfully convey what your product is and what it can do and will ultimately help you get better returns for your investment. If you have an interest in pursuing a career in project management and would like to learn more about the business side of projects, then a Certified Scrum Product Owner Certification is a great choice for you.  

Once you complete the CSPO course, you will be required to create unique and relevant product visions, keep track of the product backlog and order whenever necessary, keep the interests of the customers in mind while designing product visions and do the best possible job to increase the value of a product. To begin your journey as a certified CSPO professional, you will need to enroll in a Certified Scrum Product Owner professional course from certified CSPO trainers. The trainers can guide you to the best of your abilities by providing knowledgeable input.  

What are the benefits of getting a Certified Scrum Product Owner certification? 

  • Simple and straightforward education may not be enough to get you your dream job. Therefore, professional certifications like Certified Scrum Product Owner provide you with the skills required to make a career in the most sought-after field of the current times. A CSPO not only gives you new and exciting career opportunities, but also gives you skills that are unique and will help you stand out from others. Moreover, this certification is more than just a qualification on paper, it also makes you a professional product owner. This course is not just for product owners who want to improve the value and reach of their products. Freshers who want to move up in their career and gain experience should get certified at the earliest to begin their journey to a successful career. 
  • The number of industries and organizations who have now started adopting Agile practices in their day-to-day operations is increasing significantly. These industries and organizations are continuously looking for individuals with the right skill set and the industry-recognized certification. Getting a CSPO certification will significantly increase your chances to get hired in such industries. This certification will also increase the scope of your career opportunities in various industries.  
  • Getting a CSPO certification will give you a two-year membership with Scrum Alliance. Moreover, once you obtain your CSPO certification after completing your CSPO course, you can also pursue a higher level of qualification in Scrum. The next certification is known as Certified Scrum Professional (CSP), which requires a CSPO certification to become eligible. This can significantly improve your career prospects and positively affect your salary. You will be eligible to get highly sought-after jobs and will be able to move up in your career.  

How does Certified Scrum Product Owner certification affect your salary? 

  • One of the most important benefits of obtaining a Certified Scrum Product Owner certification is the boost in your income. You can improve your earning potential significantly once you are a CSPO certified. Studies have shown that in the first few years of their career, individuals with Certified Scrum Product Owner certification earn 9% – 10% more than individuals who don’t have the CSPO certification. With more experience in the field, your earnings can increase exponentially over the years.  
  • The salaries of Certified Scrum Product Owners vary depending upon the country they complete their certification in and the country they wish to settle in after getting their CSPO certification. Due to the rapid increase in the number of industries and organizations using Agile practices in their day-to-day operations, the demand for individuals with Certified Scrum Product Owner certification has also increased significantly. This increase in demand ensures that organizations offer competitive salaries to attract the best individuals.  
  • The average salaries of individuals with CSPO certifications depend upon the country they are working in. Through several studies and surveys, the average salaries of CSPO certified individuals in different countries are estimated. The salaries offered to CSPO professionals are extremely competitive and the average is greater than the normal salary average found in these countries. Following is a list of some countries mentioning the average salaries of CSPO certified individuals: 
  • India: INR 996,000 – INR 2,500,000 per annum 
  • United States of America: USD 86,000 – USD 130,000 per annum 
  • United Kingdom: GBP 48,000 – GBP 68,500 per annum 
  • Australia: AUD 80,000 – AUD 192,503 per annum 
  • Canada: CAD 76,000 – CAD 129,000 per annum 
  • Your salary will also depend upon your designation and the level of your qualification. With more experience, your salary will be higher. If you are a fresher, your salary would be comparatively lower. As you gain experience in the field through the years, your salary will also continue to increase. If you are a fresher or have an experience of less than a year, your average salary will be between USD 65,000 per annum and USD 75,000 per annum. If you have experience of 1 to 4 years, your salary will increase and can be between USD 76,000 per annum and USD 90,000 per annum. With more experience, you will gain an increase in your salary. In the 5 years to 9 years’ experience slab, your salary can be between USD 91,00 per annum – USD 104,000 per annum. If you have an experience of 10 years to 19 years, your salary will be between USD 104,000 per annum and 108,000 per annum. For an experience of more than 20 years in the industry, it will fetch you a salary of more than USD 108,000 per annum. 
  • With the increasing demand for CSPO certified professionals, the average salary is USD 101,000 per annum. Market research has shown that there will be a 15% job growth rate in the next three years. If Scrum Product Owners begin their journey as freshers, they will be hired as a Business Analyst and then will be promoted to Product Owner over the years. After completing the CSPO course, alternative career paths such as Agile coach, program manager and product manager can also be taken up.  

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