Great Interception by Donald Trump and the American Government to fight Coronavirus


In fact, Corona has become more viral than any other tendency today. President trumps just declared rat the coronavirus china has become a real pandemic international emergency according to Forbes. He was on the point of asking more federal aid from different local and international stated too.

The Private and The Public Sector Collaboration

Actually, declaring the coronavirus as a national emergency in the united states will free more than 60 billion USD when it comes to federal audits. This huge amount of budget will handle a great boost to fight the pandemic disease for sure. This help has become after a ling pressure from the lawmakers in the different corners of the state.

In the last press conference, Trump announced that the administration will be partnering with the public and the private sector in order to boost the rhythm of the coronavirus testing. This what vice president makes it a real partnership between the private and the public efforts.

•             Actually, Trump asked for the support of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster and emergency assistance in order to empower the FEMA and redirect rage assistance toward the coronavirus crisis.

•             Medical supplies, emergency substance and medical efforts re all supported boo the federal cost-share. Like that, the USA will handle the best boost for citizens under what we can see it as national emergency situation. Trump’s government is doing its best in order to keep the fear away. In addition to that, the Corona Virus Tests are more than handy nowadays due to the help of the medical environments today.

•             FEMA efforts are under the national emergency which can handle the most natural handling of disasters. You can have all the support from the steady supports where ever you were with the state’s borders too.

•             The Stafford act is back to life due to the report of the congressional research service. It is again used thanks to the trump indication. Only twice, the New York and New Jersey west experience in 200 handled trump a massive trust in order to boost the Corona Virus tests and how establishing measures so they can protect the virus break and the viral spreading too.

•             In the last years, it was used for large scale disasters like the bombing of Oklahoma and the Katrina hurricane. This is why trump is always asking the agency to support the social world in order to transmit their experience in the age of corona.

•             The congress election in November may be delayed EU to the contamination of many US citizens around the country. Trump has to see what things are going to be in order to take action toward the election phase. Only Congress has the authority to fix a date

•             No one can deny that Donald Trump is one of the top experts when it comes to the Stafford Act. He confirmed that the country is having a real emergency power that can support any sudden virus propagation for sure. It has a memorized and practical experience conferencing the most dangerous disease around us.

•             Moreover, trump asked for unifying the American effort in order to overcome such chronicle problems around us. This is among the top reason why he asked for a praying day in order to show a real example of how people can unify their efforts to protect their country, friends, and family around their environment. This is one of the brighter collaborations in US society. Since we magically see the collaboration between the private and the public sectors in a very giant and powerful first. This is why people are bringing the deepest trust in the Trump government today.

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Idaho is the 49th state to reveal they have Corona Virus within their borders

•             Idaho is ranked as the 94th state which announced its contamination with the coronavirus inside its wide borders.It was about a woman which is 50 years old coming from NewYork city throughout the famous Boise AIRPORT; She was living in Ada county and was isolated in hospitals in order to attack the virus by high qualified medical experts.

•             Actually, West Virginia is the only state which does not announce that any situation of coronavirus is detected.

Corona Virus make an end to the huge and popular annual Mish country festival

•             No one can deny that Coronavirus suspended all the vents and the ceremonies around the globe. In Pennsylvania all the festival are shut down due to the spreading of the virus. Especially when it comes to the worldwide Amish festival around the state which attracts millions of fans around the globe.

•             Mud Sale where Amish made quilts and furniture are offered as planned to be established by Friday, however, it was postponed at the last moment by the American government.

•             The state is increasing by more than 60 percent when it comes to infections. The test of another 140 people is pending and yet to the medical sides to confirm their situation and either they are infected or not.

•             Trump always confirmed that he does not take the responsibility of the disease especially when we talk about the delay in the row of Coronavirus testing for sure.

•             He confirmed that he was boosting his orders in order to set the right circumstance to make the test speedier and more urgent than any other task pending to the white house. Truth be told, the fight against the virus is getting harder and harder and the power to resist it is better than any time before for the United States as Trump said.

By Thursday, Trump highlighted that he had a narrative between the citizens and the Covid 19 patients and the speech was smooth. He confirmed to them by following medical guidelines they will be over the top. In the end, the government always asks their citizens to stay home and avoid getting in touch with people randomly especially in public gathering places.

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