Did you know this can help you orgasm if you are a woman?

A great orgasm can help relieve pain

Who loves that migraine headache?  No one does. Most people either reach for OTC or prescription pain killers to relieve migraine headaches and other similar acute body pains.  But did you know that a great orgasm can also be a potent pain killer? Orgasms can put a stop to acute arthritis pain and pain from surgery, among others.  This is because a woman’s body released oxytocin after she orgasms. This is a chemical which is responsible for greater bonding, relaxation, and other positive emotional feelings.  The only downside is that pain relief from orgasms generally only last about 8-10 minutes. Your partner will always try to give more satisfaction in bed, lot’s of couple says that I’m not good in bed, actually not. Need to know the main thing what your partner need from you love or sex, before you go in bed for sex need to invest some time for foreplay, many girls like foreplay before sex. Best position to do sex it’s one of the best part to get female orgasm.

Condoms don’t affect the quality of an orgasm

People may have warned you against using a condom during sex because of their discomfort.  This is nonsense. Research reveals that women who use condoms experience the same amount and quality of orgasms as women who don’t.  In fact, women who use condoms may actually be having sex more often, and hence have more orgasms! This is because men don’t have to pull out as quickly out of fear of early ejaculation.

Women have a difficult time orgasming

Figures from recent research reveal that between 10-40% of women have trouble orgasming during sex.  The good news is that women who stimulate their clitorises before and during sex have more and more pleasurable orgasms more and more often.  Some topical treatments are thought to help. However, if you are having trouble orgasming, you may want to talk to your doctor about it because this may be a sign of a more serious medical condition like depression or diabetes.

You need to find you g-spot

The g-spot is formally known as the Grafenberg spot and it is the woman’s pleasure zone when she is having sex.  While it has never been formally been proven to exist in women, plenty of evidence indicates its existence.  It enhances pleasure during sex largely because of its large numbers of nere endings. It exists in different places in different women, but it is generally characterized by a rougher spot in the woman’s vagina.

Older women orgasm more

You may be familiar with the saying, “wine gets better with age.”  The same is true about sex and orgasms. According to research, older women have better orgasms more often than younger women.  61% of women aged 18-24 had orgasms during sex, but 65% of women in

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